Why Our Propane?

 We have the propane options you want!

  • Select from fair pricing options such as fixed and bulk rates.
  • With our metered service, you can receive monthly billing for only the amount of propane you use. NO surprises, hidden fees, delivery fees, or fuel surcharges.
  • Take advantage of scheduled auto delivery service and never worry about running out of propane.
  • Enroll in budget billing to help plan your monthly expenses.
  • Pay bills easily using our online and mobile-friendly SmartHub application.
  • Schedule an energy audit to assess the energy needs and efficiency of your home or business (with a rebate of up to $50).
  • Enjoy the benefits of being a member of The Energy Cooperative, not just a customer.

How much would it cost?

  • The introductory rate for NEW propane members for 2018 (effective July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018) is $1.49 for bulk and $1.59 for metered service.
  • This rate is only available for new propane members that use more than 601 gallons a year and get a new tank set OR bulk service for customer owned tanks.
  • There are five tank sizes to suit your needs. Your TEC member service representative can help you choose the right size for your lifestyle.

If interested, call us at (800) 255-6815 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If after business hours, fill out the form below and a member service rep will contact you the next business day.

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What is propane?

  • Propane is also called LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). It is familiar to you if you have a gas grill with a propane tank. Propane is a byproduct from processing natural gas and also from refining crude oil, stored in liquid form.

Why would I want propane?

  • The best way to look at propane is “power diversification.” Run your entire home and its appliances on propane, or use it as a backup power source.
  • It is a great option if you have a rural home or want to build a getaway with all the comforts of home, but there are no electric lines.
  • In a major storm if your electric goes out, you still have propane. No more chances of losing everything in your freezer if the freezer runs on propane!
  • It is a great option if you have a rural home or want to build a getaway with all the comforts of home, but there are no electric lines.
  • You get great control when you cook with propane – the response from your stove is immediate when you adjust the flame up or down.
  • A propane water heater costs less to operate and gets your hot water back twice as fast.

I’m busy – isn’t it a lot of work to add propane? I don’t have time to check the levels regularly.

  • Because we meter propane and regularly ‘top it off,’ you won’t run out.

I’m building a home. Should I get propane?

  • Propane is a great choice when you’re building a home. Your tank can be easily put below ground. Having a second energy option will add to the value of your home.

My livestock doesn’t care where I get my power. Are there enough reasons for me to add propane or shift to propane?

  • Changing over to propane on the farm is a great idea. You can heat the barn, power your equipment, operate the lights and even run your farm vehicles. A winter storm may take down the power lines, but you’ll still be in business.

I have to justify the expense to my board of directors – so why would I add another cost to the bottom line?

  • In business, you have to keep moving. Propane gives you another reliable option for energy.

Will my appliances run on propane?

Appliances can be converted to run on propane:

Is propane safe? 
There are many safety features to ensure that you can use propane safely:

  • propane burns cleanly and is nontoxic.
  • There are rigorous safety standards in place.
  • Propane is less flammable than gasoline – you use good sense with both products.
  • Propane vaporizes in the air. Vapor can’t be ingested accidentally like gasoline or alcohol fuel.
  • Because it has no odor, an odorant called mercaptan is added (smells like rotten eggs) is added to alert you that there is a leak.
  • Your deliver driver/service technician performs a safety check with every visit.
For every new member you refer to our propane service you can earn a $50 credit to your energy bill from The Energy Cooperative. There’s no limit to the amount of savings you can create!

Referral Program Details:

  • Referral must be from a current member of The Energy Cooperative.
  • New member must be approved and service established before credit is awarded.
  • The referring member must be listed on the new member application to receive credit.
  • Only the member who made the referral receives the $50 credit.