Right of Way Clearing

In the interest of protecting our members from electrical hazards and providing reliable electrical service, we conduct aggressive right of way clearing along our lines.

Keeping the right of way clear around electrical lines helps prevent outages and blinks (a minor disruption in service lasting only a few seconds) by eliminating the possibility of vegetation or tree limbs coming in to contact with our electrical lines.  Not only do down lines cause outages, they can also result in severe injury or death.

The Right of Way clearing includes cutting, mowing and spraying 15 feet from a single phase line and 20 feet from a three phase line. The Energy Cooperative uses selective herbicides to remove only unwanted weeds, brush and trees from rights-of-way. This enhances wildlife habitats by promoting grasses, low-growing shrubs and other ground cover that birds, deer and small animals prefer. We also use nonselective herbicides where total vegetation control is necessary. When doing so we practice precision application and use buffer zones to provide an extra measure of precaution by avoiding gardens, flowers and other plants important to you.  For more information please visit www.vegetationmgmt.com.

See the diagram below for proper tree planting distances. Please keep in mind the full mature size of the tree when planting young trees.