NGO Propane Cooperative

NGO Propane Cooperative provides propane service to more than 4,100 members. On average, The delivery trucks travel more than 70,000 miles and drivers make more than 10,000 deliveries each winter season in all kinds of weather conditions, proving our commitment to providing our members safe, reliable propane service.

Members of the cooperative consumed nearly three million gallons of propane last year. Last winter, we had adequate supplies from our propane supply sources, giving our members the security of knowing they would have propane when needed.

We continue to focus on providing affordable fixed price propane with metered service. This helps members budget for their energy needs and avoid price increases that sometimes occur during the winter season. The metering option allows members to pay for only the propane they use each month and avoid a costly tank refill.

As part of our commitment to community, we now have two delivery trucks with special colors and decals that promote cancer awareness and provide support to help find a cure!