Budget Billing and Average Payment Plan

Budget Billing

calculatorwithwalletWould you like consistent Electric, Natural Gas or Propane Bills?

We all know the strain that the changing of the seasons can have on our pocketbooks due to electric, natural gas or propane statements. With many economic strategists predicting the ongoing volatility in electric, natural gas and propane rates, wouldn’t it be easier to have your energy statements remain the same amount* all year long?

If you would like to be able to plan your expenses each month and know in advance what your utility statement will be, then the budget billing makes sense for your household. The Energy Cooperative offers budget billing which allows your monthly utility costs to remain constant throughout the entire year.

You can sign up for budget billing by simply calling our Member Service Department at (800) 255-6815. Please note the following:

  • The account must be paid in full to qualify.
  • We would prefer that you have 12 months consumption history but will work with you if you do not.
  • The budget accounts may be adjusted during the month of March. At this time your budget amount may be increased or decreased depending on your usage, the weather, and market conditions.
  • Accounts are renewed yearly with budget billing unless you tell us otherwise.

We Also Offer the Average Payment Plan

Average Payment Plan (APP) is an enhanced choice to stabilize your monthly electric, natural gas and propane billing throughout the year. While this plan does not offer the equal monthly payments the budget billing offers, this plan significantly moderates the monthly bill variation while avoiding the potential of accumulating a large balance, or credit when the budget is reviewed in March and September..

The monthly payment on the APP is based on the average of the current month’s bill, plus the previous 11 months’ bills. Each month, the oldest bill is removed from the computation, and the new current bill is included. As a result, the payment amount will fluctuate slightly from month to month.

The difference between actual billings and the average billings will be carried in a deferred balance that will accumulate both debit and credit differences for the duration of the APP year (12 consecutive months). You can sign up for APP by simply calling our Member Service Department at (800) 255-6815 during regular business hours. If you are currently on APP, you need not do anything. We will automatically renew your account unless you tell us otherwise. Please note the following qualifications:

  • Each month, the deferred balance is divided by 12, and this one-twelfth amount is added to (or subtracted from) the average payment amount for the next 12 months.
  • Settlement occurs only when participation in the plan is terminated. The APP is not to be used to defer payment of delinquent bills.

If you have any questions regarding the Budget Billing Plan or Average Payment Plan please feel free to contact our Member Services Department at (800) 255-6815.